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CIRCULAR NO. 07/2014

Date : 22-07-2014

Dear Comrades,



Further to the recent redesignation of 608 employees from Sweeper/Part time Sweeper to Messenger Cadre we are pleased to announce the results of 1448 promotions from Clerical to Officer JM1 Cadre an ineffaceable record and achievement par excellence. These 1448 promotees can now look forward in their life with satisfaction that their prestige and status in the society has enhanced in leaps and bounds due to the continued efforts of the Union. They can claim, exclaim and proclaim with pride that they have achieved what they deserved. Another round of promotions from Messenger to Clerical Cadre and entrustment of Special Assistant Duties are awaiting shortly.

We as a Union have always followed the dictum “we grow” with “good people to grow with” simultaneously with “touching hearts and spreading smiles”. We are glad that our Bank with all our combined efforts has turned the corner and carved out a niche in the comity of our competitors, due to wholehearted participation of all IOBians, which our commitment, resolve to achieve higher goals could generate.

In the process of rebuilding the Bank in which we have taken part wholeheartedly, we have often stressed our firm conviction that Human Resources motivation is the most important aspect for achieving the Bank's mission. Our Chairman and Managing Director Shri.M.Narendra, Executive Directors Shri.A.D.M.Chavali, Shri.Atul Agarwal and our General Manager (PAD), Smt.Indira Padmini, shared our viewpoints of motivating the employees through career progressions. We are proud that we could bring happiness and prosperity to 1448 promotees and their families.

The list of members who are promoted to Officer Cadre – Junior Management Grade Scale-I under process A & B on the basis of the recently conducted interview and test respectively is enclosed. To those who have not been fortunate to get through this time, we wish them better luck next time and we assure them that our union will continue to provide further promotion opportunities in the near future also. Postings are being done by Central Office and members will be advised of their place of postings shortly.

We reiterate that our Union has always championed the cause of SC/ST employees with unflinching commitment to the basic principle to which reservation stands for, by ensuring that they are given the relevant benefits. We have ensured through our Promotion Policies that distributive justice is done to them, as has been our tradition always. The results of SIX candidates are kept in abeyance for want of Vigilance / IR clearance.

We congratulate the promotees and wish them the very best in their new assignment. We are confident that they will certainly conduct themselves befitting the reputation of being a proud member of the mighty banner "AIOBEU". We place on record, our sincere thanks to Smt.Indira Padmini, General Manager (PAD) and staff members of PAD for carrying out the tasks pertaining to release of results of this promotion process in an unprecedented record time.

Dear Promotees!

We are confident that your Elevation will not efface your Love and Bond of Unity with AIOBEU.

Now that the Union has ensured a career growth to the promotees, we request the promotees to reciprocate their gesture to the Union and Bank with the following reciprocal commitment to duty.

1. Maintain unity at all costs. 
2. Strengthen; Safeguard and Cement further the unity of all staff.
3. Please note that promotions are not merely going through motions in scale additions.  It is a reminder calling for reciprocation of additional responsibilities attached to scale elevation with renewed resolve and determination.  The vertical growth in your career should transcend in widening growth of the Bank horizontally in all parameters of progress. Renew your commitment, zeal and put in your best efforts to the growth of the Bank with enhanced social status, which is achieved by you, by your performance and goodwill of our Union. 
4. You carry with you on your promotion fond memories of your association and reflections with the protective umbrella AIOBEU, the six magic letters, which had ensured you protection in rain and sunshine, in winter and autumn and in spring and thunder. 
As a token of reciprocal gratitude to the Union which has unionized your life, growth, fame and status, we appeal to the promotees to contribute one time life donation (purely voluntary) of Rs.2,000/-, which will be utilized for furtherance of social mission and vision of the Union.  Separate appeal in this regard is being addressed to all the promotees who are members of our Union.  While we take your response for granted, we request the promotees to send us the voluntary donation sought by us before getting relieved as a member of Union as a token of expression of gratitude.
5. Please note that the secret of success is consistency to purpose. Hence try not to become man of success but rather try to become man of value. This calls for encouraging, guiding the award staff with love, affection in true definition of the role of a supervisor.
6. After all major value of life is not what you get, but what you become.
















We wish the promotees many more laurels and thank them for the cooperation and active support to the Union. Remember! Success means having the courage and determination and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.

Yours Comradely,

CIRCULAR NO. 06/2014

Date : 03-07-2014

Dear Comrades,

We refer to our earlier Circular No.3 dated 26.02.2014 wherein we have mentioned that the Bank has agreed to promote 1,500 Clerical Staff to Officer JM1 Cadre.

We are now glad to inform you that the Promotion Test under Process-B and Fast Track Channel will be held On-line. The Test will be of objective type and in bilingual except English. This test is to be held on Sunday the 13th July 2014. We wish all the eligible candidates the best and hope that they would prepare themselves well for this Promotion Test.

For your kind information there is an application known as “TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE – SEVEN LEVEL TEST” in IOB ON-LINE. This is a mock test wherein you will be able to get an idea about the objective On-line Test. You may make use of the same.

Once again our best wishes to all the eligible candidates.


With pride and honour, we would like to inform that we have entered into a fresh settlement with the Bank on assignment of Special Assistant duties.

This time Management has agreed to assign 150 clerks additionally with Special Assistant duties over and above the existing vacancies which means in short 150 more clerks would be entrusted with Special Assistant duties every year, apart from the regular vacancies.

This assignment will be done by interview process in the ratio of 1 : 2 as per seniority, Region-wise / State-wise. The minimum period of service required to apply for Assignment of Special Assistant Duties is three years.

The selection shall be on the basis of their performance in an interview and Marks shall be allotted on the following basis :

Educational Qualification: 5*
Service: 30**
Interview: 65
Total: 100

Marks allotted for interview is 65. The candidate has to obtain minimum marks of 25 to qualify for selection. Bank will be issuing a circular in this regard shortly.

*    Educational Qualification : Graduation / Post Graduation 2 Marks
     CAIIB Part-I / JAIIB 1 Mark
     CAIIB Part-II 2 Marks
** Service : One mark each for every completed year of service with a maximum of 30 marks.


Payment of Conveyance Allowance to Deaf and Dumb employees of Bank at par with Blind and Orthopedically handicapped employees with immediate effect in addition to regular transport allowance being paid to all award staff, payable uniformly at all places.


There is no progress in wage revision talks. The Indian Banks’ Association are yet to get a clear mandate from the Government and they offered 11% wage hike on the pay slip in the last meeting which according to NUBE is very low and the same has been rejected.

Further talks are yet to take place. We would inform you the developments.

Yours Comradely,

CIRCULAR NO.05 / 2014

Date : 14-06-2014

Latest News

Date : 11-05-2014

Latest News

Date : 07-05-2014

Retired Staff can conduct negotiations : Supreme Court upholds the decision of Madras High Court

Date : 07-05-2014

CIRCULAR NO.04 / 2014

Date : 28-04-2014

CIRCULAR NO.03 / 2014

Date : 14-03-2014

CIRCULAR NO. 04/2014

Date : 01-03-2014

Dear Comrades,


Indian overseas bank has pride in its employees, each of whom is committed to growth of the Institution. It is through them that this bank has attained the present premier position amongst the nationalised banks in India. Of late, there is a certain amount of sluggishness that has crept in the banking system under various business parameters and it is for all of us to see that, we, as the leader of the nationalised banking sector are better than the system. This is our role and a sacred duty to the institution we belong to. Business promotion is not something to be conducted as a campaign or a periodic programme. It is an ongoing and sustained activity.

  Nevertheless, concerted action in a time-bound manner does give added results. Let all of us decide that in the remaining few weeks before the year ends, we do all that is possible to achieve the goals which we have set for ourselves for the current financial year. This can be achieved through our collective efforts. Let each branch unit hold staff meetings, where business promotion with particular emphasis on low cost deposit mobilization and recovery of NPA’s be the items discussed and strategies worked out. Similarly, at every administrative office, joint meetings should be held so that every one at all levels participates in this endeavour of businesses promotion, especially deposits. We are sure, staff members at all levels will put in their best and make the financial year 2013-14 another land mark in the success stories of our bank.

With Warm Greetings,

CIRCULAR NO. 03/2014

Date : 26-02-2014

Dear Comrades,

All round carrier progressions & Meticulous man power plan

The developments in the banking industry in the past decade have changed the contours of banking in such way as to warrant a reorientation of personnel policies followed in the bank with view to increasing the bank’s profits and profitability with corresponding widening of its market shares in all avenues of business. Considering the preeminent position enjoyed by the bank, its massive globalization plans, scientific manpower plan and career progression in awards staff assumes more significance today than ever before.

Organisations are today undergoing metamorphosis. Whether one thinks of it as becoming a ‘learning organisation’ or simply as ‘transformations’ into something as yet unknown, no one would challenge the fact that the profound changes are occurring worldwide. These challenges in the occupational environment have implications for career development in future.

For any one joining the Banking institution, whether sweeper or sub staff or clerk, he always looks at the career path and justifiably decides to go up the ladder at the earliest. The subjective feelings and aspirations always cloud him from looking at the issue in an objective manner. He feels that the promotion policy should be there in such a way that may pave way for him to reach the good or his desired ambition early. He will feel that any delay that may be caused due to several barriers that will come in the way have to be made easy for him to reach the target without much difficulty. Somehow or other he is keen to get an opportunity to get promoted. He is not for stagnating at the particular cadre. But if opportunity is denied / delayed he feels that his talents have been ignored. This psychological impact slowly eats his efficiency and confidence. Slowly he will become indifferent to the institution. Hence it becomes an important organizational task of the Bank and the Union to see that more and more opportunities are made available to their members so that everyone of their members feel a sense of satisfaction that the Bank / Union has shown the promotional avenues for them. Thereafter, it is for the members to see how best they will utilize these opportunities. With the passage of time and changing scenario in the Banking Industry, the business environment has turned competitive and dynamic. Accordingly, the personnel requirement of the Bank has also undergone a qualitative change necessitating widening the scope of the promotions to officer cadre. We as a Union hold the conviction that human resource is the only asset, which goes on appreciating. We contain in ourselves an artesian well of creative talents, which can never dry up.

With a view to having the issues relating to avenues of career progression in award staff cadre (Sweeper to Messengers, Substaff to Clerical, Clerical to Officers) and filling up of resultant vacancies through fresh recruitments, examined in detail, we had been having a series of discussions with the Bank during this month and glad to inform you that we have arrived at mutual understanding as under:

2500 recruitments in clerical cadre 1375 recruitments in substaff cadre

The changing Banking scenario and the working environment of the Banking operations have caused varied demands in the Banks and its resources. With the focus of our Bank fine tuned to business plan target of Rs.4 Lac Crores business mix and 4000 branches during this financial year, the need for infusion of young, energetic, sub-staff, clerks through direct recruitments has assumed relevance and importance.

Having regard to the increase in attrition rate in the direct recruits, assessment of business growth, emerging business components, staff attrition, projected retirements for 2014-15, proposed branch expansion etc. Bank and Union has been involved in a series of discussions on recruitment of Clerical Staff and Substaff.

In reviewing the trends cited above, Bank has graciously considered 2500 recruitments in clerical cadre and 1375 fresh recruits through approved procedures in substaff cadre and redesignation of 566 Part-time / Fulltime Sweepers as Messengers. Further bank has agreed to recruit Armed Guards to be posted in currency chests of the bank within a timeframe.

We thank the Bank for providing opportunities to 3875 young talented workforce to join ‘Good People to Grow With’. We are confident that this additional recruitment of substaff and clerks considered by the Bank will ideally fit into strengthening the Bank in fulfillment of the business plan, branch expansion to withstand the onslaughts of fierce competition and competent competitive customer service and underwrite the vision – mission of the Bank – to be a leader in terms of profit and growth.

1500 promotions from clerical to officer jm1 cadre Upholding our rich traditions as trendsetters, we are glad to inform our members with a sense of satisfaction and pride that we have settled this time for 1500 promotions from Clerical cadre to Officer Cadre JM-Scale I.

Having regard to the ground realities, after studying career growth in other organisations longitudinally, we are glad that we could fulfill ‘1500 career anchor dreams’ of our membership in terms of overcoming impossible odds, solving the unsolved problems and winning out over peers. Remember ‘AIOBEU’ is the anchor in the welter of shock.

It is also observed that the top management teams that rely on internal sources are more homogenous than the teams that rely on external sources. We hold the conviction that a promotion from within is a superior concept since the current workforce are advanced, their learning curve is faster, as they are familiar with the Bank procedures and operations.

Comrades! With your faith, unity, strength, we have moulded and conditioned, the promotion policies to your expectations. Remember! Promotions to Officer Cadre is not merely going to mechanical motions but it has attendant higher responsibility and challenges attached to it. 300 promotions from SUBSTAFF TO CLERICAL cadre

Upholding our rich traditions of competence, after fruitful negotiations we had with the Bank, we inform you with pride that Bank graciously considered 300 Promotions from Substaff to Clerical Cadre. This is indeed a great achievement of our Union, in 65 glorious years of our purposeful existence.

We have always believed in the philosophy of symmetric growth. We as a Union hold the conviction that human resource in the only asset and the career growth of every aspiring employee, right from the subordinate staff to the level of top management should be fulfilled.

Keeping these rich traditions, we could negotiate with the Bank and achieve the record number of Sub staff promotions, once again. the new dawn for all our sweeper comrades 566 re-designation of sweepers as messengers Today is a historic day for all of us. It is a day of three cheers. It is red letter day in the annals of our Union. It is the day of accomplishment for all of us. All our collective efforts has resulted in the amicable understandings.

We preach what we do and do what we preach. That is the tradition of our union. We acted as precursors in this singular achievement to these poorest sections of the employees. We are glad to inform you after protracted and prolonged negotiations, Bank had agreed to redesignate Sweepers as Messengers in the 25% of the vacancies arising in the Messengers cadre.

On this historic day, we are extremely happy to inform all our comrades as per settlement, paving the way for up-gradation of all our Part Time /Full Time Sweepers as Messengers on full wages. We could visualize the happiness in the families of these comrades many of whom hail from the lowest strata of the society on hearing the news. We have lit new light to bring in the dawn. We have broadened their career progression in the days to come. This would effect real progression in their life style and social graph. We share their joy in the moment of quantum jump. The awareness on the part of Sweepers comrades that this is made possible by the untiring efforts of the Organisation would go a long way in the organizational momentum and strength.

The import of the understanding is that 566 Sweepers could be elevated as Messengers. Thus in actual terms, all 566 Sweepers in the Bank would be elevated and fixed in Substaff cadre. As we had done away with adhoc wages in the past, this time too we could elevate the category of Sweepers as full time employees of the Bank with all its attendant benefits.

Thus, this splendid understanding is yet another milestone in the onward march of our organization, heralding a new era to our Part Time Employee comrades.

It is a matter of great satisfaction to all of us that we have honoured our commitment to convert sizable number of Sweepers as Full Time Substaff and today it stands as a reality. It is indeed, a feather in the cap of the Union, for it has not only proved that we are efficacious, but we are able to bring joy and upbeat social ramification in the domestic life and career of the entire spectrum of 566 Sweeper comrades in the Bank.

Comrades, you would appreciate that this understanding is entered into in the present day context of growing negative trends in the industry and the anti worker tendencies of the Government and the Bankers. It is the might of our membership that decided matters as desired by us to the improvement of the working class, more particularly the last in the pyramid, We have lived upto our philosophy and brought about real, constructive and lasting transformation in the life and career of all the Part time sweeper comrades. Thus we have effected a stark contrast in the given national situation by elevating the last category of the employees. Our philosophy and approach to life has been vindicated yet again.

This unique achievement has been effected in the context of confusing formulations and suggestions being floated by the unconcerned bafflers. They excelled in their role as the dooms day soothsayers. We do not find fault with them. Let them be vested with the joy of being wild speculators. It is only our collective wisdom and strength that decided matters in our favour and we ensured that it happens.

We greet and congratulate our sweeper comrades for reposing their faith and confidence on the Union despite the motivated false campaigns resorted to by those who always thrive by it, albeit momentarily.

A victory is not an end itself. Rather, it is an impetus or a stepping stone and a reinforcement for further victory. With this achievement in our armory, we are determined to move forward with added vigor to seek further improvements. As a Union it is always our endeavor that we strive for the best of service conditions and benefits to the membership. We are confident that with our collective strength we shall surge forward to reap in more benefits to our members in the days to come.


We thank the management for their insight in initiating meaningful, purposeful discussion in settlement of the above career progressions and man power plan in tune with their human approach skewed towards resource motivation and transformation of Quality Human Resources in our Bank.

With Warm Greetings,

UNITY IS STRENGTH Date: 06.02.2014



Let us all take a pledge to stand United under the Dynamic
Leadership of our
President Com. L. Balasubramanian on this
Foundation Day of our mighty Union.

Person in Left   -  Com.D.Vasu, DGS |Person in Right  -  Com.  G. Mahendru, DGS



Date : 05.02.2014
We attach herewith our Bank’s Circular No.Transient Series (File F) Circular No.138 of 2013-2014 dated 05.02.2014 advising enhancement of limit together with terms and conditions to grant Staff Housing Loan to Award Staff and Supervisory Staff.






Hon’ble High Court of Madras, First Bench consisting of Hon’ble Chief Justice Sri.R.K.Agarwal and Justice Sri.M.Sathyanarayanan was pleased to pass an order on 09-01-2014 in favour of retired employees negotiating on behalf of employees even after their retirement. They are competent to sign settlement as office bearers of Trade Union with Management, in response to a writ appeal filed by All India Overseas Bank Employees' Union, Chennai, quashing the order of the single judge of Madras High Court in a write petition filed by Mr. Valayapathy, an employee of Indian Overseas Bank.

The relevant News Paper Cuttings and copy of Judgement are attached.




CIRCULAR NO. 01/2014

Date : 27-01-2014

Dear Comrades,

BI-PARTITE TALKS WITH IBA In the background of big expectations and hopes, another round of X Bi-partite Settlement talks took place on 27.1.2014 at Mumbai with eleven negotiating unions. The negotiating committee of Indian Banks’ Association was represented by its Chairman Sri.T.M.Bhasin.

The undersigned represented NUBE, our apex level organization. IBA offered an increase of 0.5 %over their earlier offer of 9.5.% on 17.1.2014 meeting. As management counter demands they insisted for 1) Cost to Company (CTC) formula 2) Introduction of “Variable Pay components” and 3) Introduction of Third Party Arbitrators (TPAs) and Group Mediclaim policy in place of the present medical reimbursement scheme under Hospitalisation at the bank level itself and certain other issues involving Officers, etc. The 10% offer is abysmally low and will not meet the expectations of Bank employees and their justified demands due to increase in volume of business, risk factor, and steep rise in the cost of living , sky-rocketing price rise. Further the Bank branches are expanding very rapidly and due to shortage of staff the existing employees work load is doubled. Today Public Sector Banks are earning high profits when compared to other sectors in the country. So National Union of Bank Employees had out rightly rejected the offer.

The negotiations ended abruptly. The future is not rosy. NUBE is determined to fight it out. This is the most trying hour in the trade Union movement of bank employees. Let us be united and stand together to fight the unrelenting management and government combine. We will achieve the desired result by showing solidarity and exemplary unity. The leadership of NUBE is well aware of the reasonable expectation and legitimate aspirations of Bank employees in general and youth who had taken banking as their profession and joined in banks at various levels with high qualification for decent livelihood in particular. NUBE will raise up to their expectation as always.

Our future course of action will be advised shortly. YET ANOTHER ACHIEVEMENT OF AIOBEU For the 11th the privilege of having the workmen nominee in the Board of IOB to represent the aspirations of all IOBians, Share Holders, Customers and millions of people who stand for Nationalisation. The notification dated 24.1.2014 received from Ministry of Finance, Government of India appointing COM.R.SAMPATH KUMAR as Workmen Employee Director, in the Board of Indian Overseas Bank. The experience and expertise of Com.R.Sampath Kumar and the skill he has acquired to a greater degree of sophistication as VICE PRESIDENT will help in meeting the new challenges which are coming up in the Banking Industry, which is in a state of transition. Our accolades are due for the services of Com.S.L.Lakhotia, who had rendered in his capacity as Workmen Director of our Bank. His endearing qualities, his uncanny knack of dealing in depth of any issue however complicate or intricate, have left his indelible imprints. All India Overseas Bank Employees’ Union places on record its deep sense of gratitude to the yeomen services rendered by him during his successful tenure as Director representing us on the Bank’s Board. If one takes the image audit to measure the performance and acceptance of employees, we can certify that Com.S.L.Lokotia has completed his tenure successfully in tune with the rich traditions established by his illustrious predecessors.

The task of Com.R.Sampath Kumar is both easy as well as difficult. The task is easy because of the fund of experience and difficult because of the expectation of the necessity to further build and continue to build on this experience in these difficult days Banking Industry is passing through. He will endeavour to do his best to live up to your expectations. We are confident he will rhythmically coordinate with the Officer Nominee of our fraternal organization IOBOA Com.J.D.Sharma and other Co-Directors in the Board in pursuit of excellence in performance. We wish him a very successful and purposeful tenure. Yours comradely, consecutive time, our Union is certified as a sole representative Union bestowed with


Date : 24.01.2014.
APPOINTMENT OF WORKMEN EMPLOYEE DIRECTOR IN IOB Mr. R. Sampath Kumar, Vice President of our UNION has been appointed as Workmen Employee Director of Indian Overseas Bank as per notification dated 24.01.2014 of Ministry of Finance, Government of India. He joined IOB in 16.12.1981 as Clerk and has held several posts in our Union. We Congratulate and wish him a very successful and purposeful tenure.





Hon’ble High Court of Madras, First Bench consisting of Hon’ble Chief Justice Sri.R.K.Agarwal and Justice Sri.M.Sathyanarayanan was pleased to pass an order on 09-01-2014 in favour of retired employees negotiating on behalf of employees even after their retirement. They are competent to sign settlement as office bearers of Trade Union with Management, in response to a writ appeal filed by All India Overseas Bank Employees' Union, Chennai, quashing the order of the single judge of Madras High Court in a write petition filed by Mr. Valayapathy, an employee of Indian Overseas Bank.

The relevant News Paper Cuttings and copy of Judgement are attached.




CIRCULAR NO. 21/2013

Date : 28-12-2013

Circular No.20 / 2013

Date : 14-12-2013


 Date : 01-11-2013



Chennai : Paving the way for the continuation of two former bank employees as president and general secretary respectively of the All India Overseas Bank Employees’ Union, the Madras High Court has stayed the operation of a single judge restraining the bank from permitting them to take part in employer-employee talks.

The first bench comprising Chief Justice R.K.Agarwal and Justice M.Sathyanarayanan, concurred with the submissions of senior counsel A L Somayaji and passed the interim order on a writ appeal filed by L.Balasubramanian and S.Srinivasan.

On October 11, Justice N.Kirubakaran had passed an order forbearing the bank from permitting the two to participate in the negotiations and discussions with bank management in respect of any matter pertaining to employer-employee relations of the bank. The judges said, “There is no legal prohibition for them to continue as office-bearers, and in that capacity they can take part in the negotiations and discussions.


Express News Service 6-11-2013

Chennai : The order of a single judge, which restrained two retired employees of the Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) to participate in the negotiations and discussions with the Bank management on matters relating to employee-employer, has been stayed by a division bench of the Madras High Court, recently.

The first bench of Chief Justice RK Agarwal and M Sathyanarayanan granted the injunction while passing interim orders on a writ appeal from L.Balasubramanian and S.Srinivasan, Office-bears of All India Overseas Bank Employees’ Union.

Originally, a writ petition was filed by an employee, S.Valayapathy of Tirunelveli, to restrain the bank management from permitting the duo from participating in the negotiations and a single judge on October 11 last granted the injunction, Aggrieved, the duo filed the present appeal.

AL Somayaji, senior counsel for the appellants, said their was no law forbearing retired employees from becoming office-bearers and they were entitled to continue in their positions as per the bye-law.

The Bench said that the bye-law enabled the duo to be office-bearers of the union. The specific stand of the appellants was that they continued to be office-bears and hence, entitled to represent the union on behalf of the majority of the employees. Because of the single judge’s interim order, they were not able to participate in the talks between the union and the management. A careful scrutiny of the materials available on record, the bench said that it.

Press Releases

Date : 06-11-2013


Date : 25-10-2013

All India Overseas Bank Employees Union Bank - 34th GENERAL COUNCIL MEETING AT CHENNAI

Election Committee Circular No.5/2013 - Election Results

Date : 24-10-2013

Dear Comrades,

Pursuant to the orders of the Hon'ble High Court of Madras today, I hereby declare and release the elected list of Office Bearers and other members on the National Executive and the Regional Committees of the Union.

Yours Comradely,


Election Committee Circular No.5/2013 - Results


Dear Comrades,

The inaugural session of 34th General Council Meeting on 19th October 2013   will be WEB cast Live in the Below link from 4.00pm onwards.


General Secretary

Election Committee Circular No.4/2013 - FINAL LIST OF VALID NOMINATIONS

Date : 12-10-2013

Dear Comrades,

We draw your attention to our Circular No.3/2013, dated 08-10-2013 giving a list of valid nominations. After scrutiny of withdrawals received from various Contestants, we give below the Final List of Valid Nominations.


[Members are put to note that the management of Kalaignar Arangam have agreed to grant us the premises for holding our General Council Meeting on our written assurance that we will abide by the code of conduct prescribed by them. Hence all contestants to various posts are hereby instructed not to stick election campaign posters / banners in the venue. Hall authorities have warned us that if the code of conduct prescribed by them is violated then they will not cooperate with us.


 We look forward to your cooperation in upholding our integrity and prestige, as advised to us by the leadership of AIOBEU and address to the organisational election in a dignified manner.


DATE OF ELECTION : 20-10-2013 (Between 7.30 A.M. & 12.30 P.M. at Conference Venue)

COUNTING OF VOTES : 20-10-2013 (From 1.00 P.M. onwardsat Conference Venue)

VOTING a. Voting by secret ballot only. Postal ballots and voting by proxy are not allowed.
  b. All India Posts mentioned in “A” will be elected by all the delegates of the 34th General Council Meeting.
  c. All the members of the National Executive and Regional Committee as on the date of election are ex-officio members of the General Council.
  d. General Council members belonging to a particular Region / State / Clubbed Branch Units shall alone be eligible to vote for the Assistant General Secretaries, National Executive Members and Regional Committee Members of the Region / State / Clubbed Branch Units respectively.
  e. Counting agent form will be provided at the venue. Contestants should fill, sign and submit the same before counting commences. The election committee will appoint a counting agent in case the contestant may not be able to nominate his/her  counting agent.

The decision of the Election Committee in respect of election shall be final and binding.
We solicit your kind co-operation.

Yours Comradely,


Election Committee Circular No.4/2013

Election Valid Nomination List

Delegate List as on 13-10-2013 for Online Submission


Election Committee Circular No.3/2013 - PUBLICATION OF VALID NOMINATIONS

Date : 08-10-2013

Dear Comrades,

Further to our Circular No.1/2013 dated 23-09-2013, calling for nominations for various posts, we enclose the list of valid nominations.
We draw the kind attention of contestants to condition No.7 laid down in our above circular and the same is given below: -

"No member can contest for more than one post. However, a person can file nomination for more than one post, but on expiry of last date of withdrawal, if valid nominations of a member are there for more than one post, all such nominations will be treated as invalid".

The last date for receipt of withdrawal of nomination is 11-10-2013 up to 6.00 p.m.

  • Withdrawal will be accepted either in post or by person or by courier only.
  • Withdrawal by Telex/Fax/Telegram / any other means of electronic media i.e. e-mail, SMS etc will not be accepted.
  • Specimen format of withdrawal of nominations is annexed.
  • Candidates have to use separate withdrawal form for each post.
  • Withdrawal should be sent to:

Yours Comradely,


Election Committee Circular No.3/2013

List ot Enclosure to election committee circular no 03-2013 Dated 08-10-2013

Delegate List for Online Submission

Withdrawal Form Format